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Elmfield Estate is home to the Elmfield Institute which was founded by Jane Shaw to provide courses, retreat experiences, events, and professional training in holistic wellbeing. All our work is based on the foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative practices.

Programmes are delivered online, self-paced on-demand, and in-person at the Elmfield Estate, Gilford, Co. Down N. Ireland. Our facilitators are multi-disciplined experienced educators, researchers and practitioners who have learned from their academic studies but also through conscious self-exploration and lived experience.

As well as the courses listed below, we also offer bespoke wellness programmes that are crafted to your organisation’s specific needs. These training and retreats can be delivered online or at the Elmfield Estate.

Upcoming Trainings and Experiences

Online embodied meditation series with Jane Shaw

Online with Jane Shaw

Starting Tues 2nd August 2022

Tuesday night seven-week embodied meditation series with Jane Shaw. Take an hour each week to pause and to sit in gentle guided meditation.

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Outdoor meditation: Guided mindful walk through Elmfield gardens

Elmfield Estate with Jane Shaw

8th August 2022

Take a break from your busy day and join Jane Shaw for a guided meditation walk through the tranquil gardens of Elmfield.

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Journey into Stillness: An afternoon wellness retreat

Elmfield Estate with Jane Shaw

19th August 2022

A half-day wellness retreat experience. “I left with the most beautiful calm feeling”

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Intergenerational Patterns in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Elmfield Estate with Jane Shaw

Starts 27th October 2022

Working with intergenerational patterns in Craniosacral Therapy practice

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Your Journey is Unique

We each have different life experiences that shape who we are and how we respond to different situations.

Elmfield offers researched courses and training which tend to the well-being of individuals and communities through developing embodied awareness, resilience and adaption, and compassionate relating.

We aim to support your fullest potential.

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Self-Paced Online Courses

Coming Soon
Free Resources Jane Shaw

Online on-demand guided meditations

£247.00 £29.00

Daily Sips of Wellness

This on-demand self-paced course is a series of short and simple practices designed to support your everyday wellbeing, manage anxiety and stress and to cultivate easeful joyful living.

Meet the Facilitators


Jane Shaw

Gareth Toner

Laurence Shorter

Rosie Burrows

Donnalea van Vleet Goelz


Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw marries Jungian Psychology, craniosacral therapy and trauma-informed neurobiology to support individuals to recover from and become resilient to adverse life experiences. Jane draws on her deep experience and practiced philosophy to nurture true emergent potentials, in conscious relationship to self, to others and to the environment.

As a therapist, writer and internationally-recognised educator, Jane delivers training programmes, retreats, and articles utilising trauma-informed body-mind medicine practices, as well as running a biodynamic craniosacral therapy clinical practice in Northern Ireland. 

Her teaching approach is one of embodied presence, compassion, equanimity and deep listening, using principles of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Jungian psychology, neurophysiology, and dream analysis. She bridges the latest developments in neuroscience and new medicine with lessons from ancient healing arts, while always learning from the natural world and its ability to heal and be healed.

Believing strongly in the power of shared wisdom, Jane has also worked collaboratively with and learned from pioneers in their field including Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Gabor Mate, Katherine Ukleja, Steve Haines and many others.​​​​​​​

As part of her bid to raise the global conversation in body-mind medicine Jane has organised conferences and international events that have a history and reputation for providing a platform where new ideas emerge in the field of trauma and body-mind practices. She has brought together leaders in the field to share ideas and move conversations forward. Speakers have included Daniel Siegel, Stephen Porges, Gabriel Roth, Bessel van der Kolk, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Rupert Sheldrake, Gabor Mate, Babette Rothschild, Stanley Keleman, Mae van Ho, Peter Levine as well as many others. 

Before immersing in the world of mind-body health, Jane worked for many years in business and finance, including a position as Finance Director of a boutique consumer brand and entertainment PR agency in London. Her experience of the corporate world provided her specialised business knowledge, but has also shown her how the stresses of modern life adversely affect our health and behaviour.

She holds an M.A. in Economics from the University of Edinburgh and an M.A. in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is currently continuing her research as a Ph.D. candidate. She is a registered craniosacral therapist and SSP provider. Having lived for many years in London, Jane now lives at Elmfield Estate, Co. Down Northern Ireland full time.

Gareth Toner

Gareth Toner (MSc) is an educator and bodyworker working for over 20 years in mainstream education settings supporting students to connect with the sensing, living body. As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) and Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) facilitator, Gareth’s approach embodies and conveys the complex principles of health in an accessible, compassionate and simple way. He received his sport science degree from Manchester University, his Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and Masters in Exercise Physiology from University of Ulster, Belfast. He has a clinical practice in Northern Ireland and teaches both in Northern Ireland and internationally.

Laurence Shorter

Laurence Shorter is a leadership coach, author and speaker. His career journey has taken him from McKinsey consultant & dotcom entrepreneur to best-selling writer and stand-up comedian. In his quest to understand the secrets of happiness, he has authored The Optimist (featuring interviews with Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson and many others), performed his own one-man show about coaching at the Edinburgh Festival and created the Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life, the world’s first cartoon guide to mindfulness and flow.

Today Laurence consults to global organisations, coaching leaders and performing his own brand of stand-up therapy at festivals and gatherings all over the world. Laurence specializes in facilitating immersive events that give people a direct experience of the intelligent, self-organizing principle of the Universe for themselves. 

His work safely liberates the flow of peace, optimism and genius in teams and individuals alike.

Laurence has an MA in History from Cambridge University, an MBA from INSEAD, and a diploma in Systemic Consulting for Organisations.

Rosie Burrows

Rosie Burrows, PhD supports intimate connection to ourselves, each other, and nature, focusing on making real our deepest longings through embodied trauma healing and eco relational creativity. Based in Belfast, she is an independent neuro-affective relational, gestalt and somatic psychotherapist, coach, organisational consultant, and award-winning researcher, working over the last thirty years locally and internationally. 

Donnalea van Vleet Goelz

Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, has a PhD in Clinical Somatic Psychology and is executive director of Continuum Movement®, founded by Emilie Conrad Da’oud. She is the founder and owner of Cobalt Moon Center, a center for integrative health and Somatics education in Neptune Beach, FL., where she has been teaching T’ai Chi for the past 30 years. She has taught and been on the faculty of several different educational institutes: University of North Florida, Esalen Institute, Hollyhock Educational Institute, Kripalu, and The Open Center. Currently she is involved in research at the University of Florida and University of North Florida.


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