Self-care allows us to care better for those around us.

I recently gave a presentation to a group of mental healthcare workers about the importance of self-care. While this group...

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Guided meditation: midline grounding

Meditation to tune into the midline function of the body. This helps the body to orient and reorganise, giving a sense of...

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Fear, trust and hope. What we learned through The Power of Story

Fear, hope, and trust. The lessons we learned through The Power of Story   “Each generation has a sacred...

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Free the Flow

When I reflect upon the concept of climate change, I often feel fear. How is flow related to something so large and so...

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Listen for what’s not said

Working with high risk populations that have survived intergenerational trauma taught me to answer the question behind the...

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Meditation to tune into the fluid rhythms of the body

Guided meditation to tune into the fluid rhythms of the body. Reorient to your natural rhythm, allowing a feeling of safety...

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Connecting with nature to support our wellbeing

Is the natural world animated with soul I often wonder? Can the rose love me in the same way I love the rose?   I...

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