Our mission is to create a centre for sustainable health

Our vision is to illuminate the path to wellbeing

A Family Welcome

Elmfield is a Shaw family operation whose heritage is one of farming and health. It is the vision of Jane Shaw to create a centre for sustainable health at Elmfield, illuminating the path to wellbeing through the work of The Elmfield Institute, providing a tranquil private learning environment for organisations, and raising awareness of healthy living through the Elmfield Wholefood and Wellbeing market. Whether you visit for a wellbeing training, a day to the market, or for a company awayday, you will be met with a warm Shaw family welcome.

What We Offer

Meet the People

Jane Shaw

Catherine Shaw

Ann Shaw

Derek Shaw

Meet our Wellbeing Facilitators

Our facilitators are multi-disciplined experienced educators, researchers and practitioners who have learned from their academic studies but also through conscious self-exploration and lived experience.

History of Elmfield Estate

Elmfield Estate has been a family home for generations and of the Shaw family for the last 60 years. It has evolved through the years, from a modest dwelling house and stable yard in the 18c to an impressive Victorian Scottish baronial style house with turrets and ziggurat balustrades, built by the wealthy linen barons in the mid-1800s. The estate ran into disrepair after the second world war but was saved by the Shaws who have lovingly restored the house, farm, and gardens room by room lawn by lawn. Elmfield has certainly been a place of transformation and vision over the last 60 years. When Derek and Ann’s three children were little, they enjoyed the freedom and wildness that only a semi-derelict estate can offer. To turn that into what you see today is down to Derek’s vision.

There are more than 300 years of fascinating history to be discovered here, from the history of the founding, design and redesign of the house to the plans for the grounds and courtyards. Over the years more than one family dynasty of linen merchants has called Elmfield their home, and the layers of heritage here offer deep insights into Northern Ireland’s once-dominant linen industry.

During World War II Elmfield was home to a very different cohort of people, housing German and Italian prisoners of war within its grounds. Some years after the war a comprehensive restoration of the Elmfield Estate was completed by the Shaw family and forms the basis of what you can see today, enabling the estate to host rewarding holistic experiences that include trauma-informed training programmes, corporate wellness and leadership programmes, and transformative retreat experiences.

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