Introduction to SIMPLE Listening: A Polyvagal informed programme

This workshop is an introduction to SIMPLE Listening, a Polyvagal Theory-informed programme promoting physiological safety and regulation. The programme educates the practitioner to listen to their environment using somatic intuitive awareness practices to gain autonomic nervous system regulation.  It offers an accessible step-by-step road map to autonomic regulation thus fostering a conscious relationship to self, other, and the environment.

The evidence-based programme takes participants through an understanding of the fundamentals of Dr. Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and its application in personal and professional development. Referring to the latest research papers in PVT and other emerging conversations in the field of neurophysiology, participants will gain a greater understanding of the importance of biological safety states and regulation. Questions such as how we know when we are safe, why safety is important, and the spectrum of felt-safety will be examined.

Learning outcomes

  • ~ Learn the fundamentals of the Polyvagal Theory
  • ~ Learn practices to promote autonomic regulation and improve stress management
  • ~ Experience the felt-sense awareness of different autonomic states
  • ~ Learn practices to promote self-care and self-awareness
  • ~ Implement resources to develop resiliency and adaptability
  • ~ Develop an awareness of interoception and exteroception


Who should attend?

  • ~ Those working in healthcare
  • ~ Those interested in becoming a SIMPLE Listening practitioner
  • ~ Those interested in personal development from a neurophysiological perspective



Jane Shaw MA RSCT is a craniosacral therapist, educator, and writer with 20 years experience of working in the field of health and wellbeing. She has been studying and working with Dr. Stephen Porges for over 15 years, immersing herself in the research and emergent conversations in trauma-recovery. Her teaching approach is one of embodied presence, compassion, equanimity and deep listening, bridging the latest developments in neuroscience and new medicine with lessons from ancient healing arts, while always learning from the natural world and its ability to heal and be healed.

Before immersing in the world of mind-body health, Jane worked for many years in business and finance, including a position as Finance Director of a boutique consumer brand and entertainment PR agency in London. Her experience in the corporate world provided her with specialised business knowledge but has also shown her how the stresses of modern life adversely affect our health and behaviour.


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26 Apr 2024


9:30 am - 3:30 pm




Finca Elmfield
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Jane Shaw
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